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Vienna invites you to join the dance

Every year, over 450 balls in Vienna invite you to dance and offer over 2,000 hours of dancing pleasure. Shake a leg in traditional three-four time or dance to lively disco beats in the adjoining rooms - the Viennese ball season offers dancing fun for every taste. The dances take place at the most beautiful venues in the Austrian capital, with the State Opera and the beautiful Vienna Hofburg being among the most popular. Festive, traditional and so chic - there is a strict dress code at the Viennese balls. The ladies wear long evening dresses, the gentlemen tuxedos or tailcoats. This not only looks beautiful, it also preserves the tradition of the most magical time of the year. The balls are traditionally opened with a polonaise of young ladies in white dresses and their escorts. Only then do the magical words fall: "Alles Walzer", inviting you to the dance floor. Enjoy the magic!

Find the perfect ball

Opera Ball, Rose Ball, Johann Strauss Ball, Philharmonic Ball, Doctors' Ball, Academics' Ball... - the choice of wonderful balls in Vienna is almost endless. How can you decide which one to attend? Our ball overview will help you - and who says you can only attend one ball per season? Enjoy this special time in Vienna and be our guest. THE LEO GRAND will make your stay unforgettable!

Our little ball guide for you

The excitement is building and your magical evening at the ball is just around the corner. To help you get ready, we have put together a little ball guide for you:
-    Make sure you have the right evening wear - every ball has its own dress code
-    Don't wear a wristwatch and don't take off your jacket or tails under any circumstances
-    Don't forget the ladies' gift - a small present for the lady
-    Practice dancing a Viennese waltz in advance
-    The quadrille is danced punctually at midnight - you shouldn't miss this highlight of most balls
-    You can also dance with other guests (remember the dance card for the ladies), but the first and last dance belongs to your ball companion

Our recommendations for a perfect night at the ball

To make your visit to the ball in Vienna an unforgettably wonderful experience, remember the following points in advance:
-    Break in your ball shoes in advance and take blister plasters with you as a precaution.
-    Make sure you try on your dress or tuxedo in advance. 
-    Make sure you reserve your cab in advance to avoid long waiting times.
-    Make sure you have enough cash, your ticket and, if you are a man, cufflinks.
-    Take a camera with you to capture the best moments for eternity.
Thanks to the ideal location of our boutique hotel in the heart of Vienna, you can easily walk to some of the ball venues. The Vienna State Opera is just 850 m from THE LEO GRAND, and the Hofburg is only 500 m away. Instead of walking, you can also arrive in a traditional carriage or in style in a limousine - just remember to book early. 

Splendid overnight stay at THE LEO GRAND

In keeping with the ball season, we offer you beautiful and extravagant rooms and suites in the heart of Vienna. Spend the night in our beautifully furnished rooms and enjoy the sumptuous ambience of our boutique hotel in Vienna.

Cozy double bed and dressing table in room with high ceilings supported by old wooden beams in hotel in Vienna


The LEOPOLD SUITE will take your breath away, we promise. It is a unique suite with a direct view to the St. Stephens Cathedral and the perfect starting point for your ball night.

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Spacious room in hotel in Vienna with large windows overlooking the city, striped carpet, patterned couch and double bed


History may repeat itself but our suites in THE LEO GRAND do not. Get ready to dance the night away in these contemporary masterpieces with a perfect view.

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View into the spacious room in the attic of the hotel in Vienna  furnished with a cozy double bed under old wooden beams


Oh, how we love Vienna from above! Enjoy the sunshine in your room, explore the many patterns and their stories, fall in love and enjoy a spectacular night!

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A room in hotel in Vienna with two big windows, a dressing table and a red velvet couch in front of a double bed


Feel free to browse through our room categories and explore the perfect option for you. THE LEO GRAND can't wait to welcome you during this special occasion and be your home during ball season!

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Culinary delights in the heart of Vienna

What would a vacation in Vienna be without real delicacies? We look forward to serving you fantastic culinary delights in our own restaurant DOTS at THE LEO GRAND. Experience creative, exquisite and extravagant dishes in a wonderful ambience.